In this album I present my graphics works. Part of the works have done time I have been studying in North Karelia Polytechnic in Finland Joensuu, and some here at home. The main restrictive factor making graphics is lack of the printing press. Making printing fromes success in domestic environments, especially drypoint, ie direct engraving plate surface. That engraving is like a pencil drawing. However, darkness shades need to make intensifying the lines spacing and the most darkiest points hatched. Prints then could not take without the printing press. These simple images are woodcuts, ie engraving is made a wooden slab and printing simply by rubbing a spoon. Easy is´nt it.
The most obvious difference of those methods is that the result of woodcut is coarser than metallic graphics and the ink comes from woodcuts on slab and printing fromes in engraving grooves.